Who we are

We are the value transformation agency

About Us

Founded in 2014 by Mark South, turntwo has established itself as the leading strategic marketing agency to the private equity industry and portfolio companies, having delivered over £1bn in enterprise value in the last four years. Mark recognised that we are entering a new post-modern era of marketing, where we correct the left brain lean towards data driven marketing ‘maths’ and re-emphasise right brain creativity that touches the human soul. Technology development remains a significant disruptive force for marketing, however, success in years to come will come from the fusion of technology and design to create products and experiences that the customer genuinely controls. And then there’s the marketers themselves. Core marketing proficiencies are evolving and the agency/client relationship is evolving too. turntwo is an agency designed for the post-modern era, fusing artistry and analysis to develop and implement marketing strategies that deliver accelerated value creation for investors and portfolio companies. Our people are leaders in their field. They work fast and collaboratively and relentless in the pursuit of results. Better results, delivered faster.

Our clients

We work with a wide range of private equity firms, angel investors, venture capital firms and their portfolio companies. Most are based in the UK, but we do work with a number of clients in Europe, the US and Asia. Our real strength lies in working with the management and investment teams behind portfolio companies with £50m to £500m in turnover, operating in a competitive environment, and with strong ambitions and commitment to growth.

Our partners

The gap between the skills required for marketers today and the skills present in marketers today will become even wider in years to come. As an agency partner, it is our job to stay ahead, and to provide the necessary skills for both us and our clients to stay ahead. We have to adapt to the world around us. Our agency model is built on partnership. We believe that our clients should have access to the best, and that means bringing the best people and teams from around the planet to work on our client situations. We are proud to call over 500 people from 9 different agencies in 12 countries, our partners.

Join us

We are currently looking to fill several new roles as well as offering summer intern programmes. If you are at the top of your game and looking to work in a fast paced consulting / agency environment, please get in touch