What we do

We accelerate the growth of revenues, profits and value for our clients through transformational change in marketing performance

Strategic Marketing


Independent Marketing Review

Using our proprietary 3D Marketing assessment tool and benchmarking database, we provide our clients with an independent assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of marketing within a company. Our assessment examines 42 capability areas including strategy, creativity, brand, data, campaigns, measurement, technology, and people. Our IMR process is often used by investment professionals to supplement traditional commercial due diligence processes.


Value Creation Strategy

Most relevant between point of purchase and the end of year 1, we work alongside investors, management teams, and consultancy partners to develop a simple, clear, and challenging yet achievable value creation strategy that sets the business on the right path to accelerated revenue, profit and value growth from the start. We apply analysis and creativity to this process, examining all available and acquirable levers to influence the future trajectory of a business.

Brand Effect

Our modular programme designed to give your brand more impact in the market – accelerating revenue, profit and value growth. It has been specifically designed for the private equity industry and portfolio companies, and is the result of four years of project learning and extensive research and analysis with over 200 companies. We believe that putting your brand on a financial foundation will change the culture and performance of your company.

Operational Marketing

Effective Marketing Organisation

The post-modern marketing era requires a marketing organisation that is infinitely adaptable and scalable. New roles and skills are required that break normal rules of hierarchy and remuneration. Agencies should be considered an extension of the marketing function, working in partnership. Changing to the new world order is not an option. It is necessary to deliver on the investment promise. Our experts will guide you along the journey.

Marketing Accelerator

Our Marketing Accelerator Programme is the only multi-disciplinary development programme of its kind. It has been specifically designed for companies with capacity and capability challenges in marketing. It includes three stages of development. Foundation is a two 3-day residential programme covering all aspects of post modern marketing Masterclasses are self-selected 1 day courses, and each participant will receive a Marketing Mentor for 3 months.

Technology Decisions

We are vendor agnostic. We provide advice to investors and company CMOs navigating the marketing technology landscape, particularly CRM, Marketing Automation, Web and website analytics, Content Management and Social Management. We work with our clients to determine the right mar-tech priorities and road-map, vendor selection, and independent quality assurance review through implementation.

Tactical Marketing

Value Based Campaigns

We work with a carefully selected group of agency partners to develop marketing campaigns born from rich and robust data analysis and insight led creativity. Every campaign is designed around the business objective, whether it be new customer acquisition, retention, cross sell or up sell, and every campaign is measured carefully and relentlessly, but the one measure common to all our campaigns is Value. Our campaigns typically return £5 for every £1 invested.


Customer Experience

We believe that brilliant customer experiences are created by companies and brands that understand their customers intimately. Not just what they do, but why they do it, and how they do it. Our approach to the development and implementation of brilliant customer experiences combines market research, process mapping, behavioural science, technology assessment, financial modelling and human skills development.

Marketing Effectiveness

We exist to increase the value of the companies we work with, and so, we have to measure everything we do. We need to understand what’s working and why it’s working or why it isn’t. This requires constant monitoring and evaluation. We have developed a wide range of tools and methods to do this, and we will tailor one or more to suit your specific needs.

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