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What is the value of Customer Journey Mapping?

Understanding the rational and irrational choices that customers make is vital in determining the most effective marketing strategy. So journey mapping is important, but only if you can connect their journey with internal business processes, behavioural cues, and the moments that matter, experientially, and financially.

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Sales and Marketing Integration: Sense or Suicide?

The lines between Sales, Marketing, Service and Operations are blurring. Customers expect companies to speak to them like they know them, speak with one voice, and deliver – immediately. But how many companies can safely say they deliver on these expectations? Not many. Why?

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Where is all the (modern marketing) talent?

The gap between what customers expect and what marketeers can deliver is ever widening. Over 50% of CMOs believe they do not have the required skills in their marketing teams, so what’s the solution? Buy, Borrow or Build?

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