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The rise of the machines

With so much talk about artificial intelligence and machine learning, it wouldn’t be unreasonable to assume that in a few years time, we won’t be talking to a digital marketer, or a brand marketer, we’ll be talking to a robot – a machine marketer. Many would agree, but we don’t. As long as humans walk the earth and customers pay for goods and services, no-one cares about the data you used, they just see the message. The successful marketers of the future will find the right way to blend machine marketing with creativity to make their campaigns successful and deliver transformational results.

Content Marketing is the priority for 2018

Our most recent 2017 survey highlights content marketing as a key priority for 2018. No surprises given most marketers are focussed on developing and implementing successful customer engagement strategies. Whilst we agree that short videos, how to guides, informative website text and downloadable thought leadership are all good content assets, they are only effective when they reach the customer when he or she needs them. So content marketing cannot be pursued on its own. Companies need to carefully consider the inter-dependency with search marketing, social media, and customer experience design.

50% of portfolio companies do not have a clear brand position

This is a key finding in our most recent (2017) private equity survey. The impact of this does not make good reading for private equity and venture capital investors. Why? Put simply, the lack off a clear brand positioning is proven to result in a significant slowdown in company growth, an inability to attract strong talent and a higher risk of failure in both new market entry and new product launches. On the flipside however, companies with strong brands are seeing continuous growth at greater than 20% p.a. Now is the time for investors to act.

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